Updated: 06-Feb-2002 Week of 28 January - 3 February 2002

31 Jan. 2002

Lord Robertson visits the United States

NATO Secretary General Lord Robertson spent 31 January and 1 February in the United States. During his visit, he met with US Secretary of State Colin Powell, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and leading senators. He also gave a speech to The Pilgrims Society of the United States and participated in the World Economic Forum which exceptionally took place in New York this year.

In his speech to The Pilgrims Society, Lord Robertson described the terrorist attacks of 11 September as a "wake-up call" and stressed the importance of investing in new military capabilities. He said that the Alliance had consistently confounded its critics who questioned its future and concluded that: "NATO is and will continue to be the essential pillar of Euro-Atlantic security, and cooperation between the two sides of the Atlantic."

Speaking on two panels at the World Economic Forum and later to journalists, Lord Robertson warned that the technical superiority of US weaponry is so overwhelming that it may prevent the NATO Allies fighting alongside the United States in future conflicts. To bridge this gap, he urged the European Allies and Canada to invest in the capabilities to defend against the threats of the future, and the United States to make more technology available to its Allies to enhance their interoperability.

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