Updated: 22-May-2002 Week of 14-20 January 2002

16 Jan. 2002

NATO provides additional support
in fight against terrorism

Two additional E-3A Airborne Early Warning and Control Systems aircraft (AWACS) will be deployed by NATO in support of US homeland security. The decision was taken by NATO's top decision making body - the North Atlantic Council- on 16 January, following a request by the United States. The aircraft will join the five NATO AWACS conducting operations over the United States since 9 October 2001.

In the meantime, NATO's Standing Naval Force Mediterranean (STANAVFORMED) has re-deployed to the Eastern Mediterranean after conducting maintenance in homeports. It was temporarily replaced by Standing Naval Force Atlantic (STANAVFORLANT) from 6 December 2001 to 13 January 2002.

Operation Active Endeavour was launched on 6 October 2001 following a US request for maritime presence in the region and formally began on 26 October 2001. The NATO fleet is patrolling the Eastern Mediterranean and monitoring merchant shipping traffic. In addition, it has also conducted a number of rescue operations involving oilrig workers and refugees.

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