Updated: 06-Feb-2002 Week of 14-20 January 2002

15 Jan. 2001

Fourth NATO Symposium with Partners

"Making C3 Policies a Reality" was the theme of the fourth NATO Symposium with Partners, organised under the auspices of the NATO Consultation, Command and Control Board (the C3 Board) at NATO Headquarters, Brussels, on 15-17 January 2002.

Following the opening address by Mr. Robert Bell, Assistant Secretary General for Defence Support, four sessions addressed respectively NATO C3 architectures and interoperability, management and organisations, new technologies in information and communication, and information security. The Symposium was attended by 150 participants from 31 countries, including 12 partner countries.

The event marks a turning point in the NATO C3 community: A set of NATO C3 doctrine and policy documents have now been produced and the challenge is for countries to apply them, as well as the various NATO Committees in charge of implementing C3 programmes.