Updated: 23-Jan-2002 Week of 14-20 January 2002

14 Jan. 2001

CCMS proposes study of new security threats

The NATO Committee on the Challenges of Modern Society (CCMS) met on 14 January at NATO HQ in Brussels. The main objectives of this meeting were to have an in-depth review of policy issues, identify new threats to security in the long term and propose ways of bringing Allied and Partner countries together to address these issues.

The participants expressed their appreciation for the strong support given by the United States, which was demonstrated by the participation of Dr. Alan Hecht (photo), Director of International Environmental Affairs, National Security Council. Dr. Hecht made a presentation which highlighted the possible topics to be considered by the Committee for its future work in the field of new threats to security. All National Representatives agreed that there was a need to establish a Steering Group to be chaired by Mr. J. Fournet, Assistant Secretary General for Scientific and Environmental Affairs, the main task of which would be to identify gaps and overlaps between international organisations in their work in the field of new threats to security. The ultimate goal would be the preparation of a workshop to be organised within the framework of CCMS on non-traditional threats such as environmental crime, urban sprawl and infectious diseases. Further information on the CCMS meeting may be accessed at: http://www.nato.int/ccms