Updated: 19-Mar-2002 Week of 8-14 January 2002

9 Jan. 2002

NAC meets with Mediterranean Dialogue Partners at Ambassadorial level

The Ambassadors from the seven countries participating in NATO's Mediterranean Dialogue met with the North Atlantic Council (NAC) - NATO's top decision making body- on 9 January to discuss the outcome of last December's meetings of Foreign and Defence Ministers.

The Secretary General of NATO, Lord Robertson, briefed them on: the continued adaptation of the Alliance to the new security environment, NATO's support to the United States in fighting terrorism, the progress made in NATO-Russia relations and the cooperative relationship between NATO and the European Union. The Secretary General also covered NATO's role in the Balkans, as well as the work underway within the Alliance to develop the defence capabilities needed for NATO's new missions.

This meeting was also an opportunity for NATO and Mediterranean Ambassadors to exchange views on the future prospects of NATO's Mediterranean Dialogue.

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