Updated: 22-Nov-2001 Week of 19-25 November 2001

20 Nov. 2001

NATO Military Committee holds annual meeting

The Military Committee, NATO's highest military authority, has held a series of four meetings at NATO HQ, Brussels: on 20 November, it first met in Chiefs of Staff session and in Chiefs of Staff session with Ukraine in the afternoon; on 21 November, it met with the Chiefs of Staff from the other member countries of the Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council in the morning (Euro-Atlantic Partnership Military Committee) and with Russia in the afternoon.

During these meetings, NATO's response and military role in the current Article 5 situation was raised and a briefing was given on the fight against terrorism by General Richard B. Meyers, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the United States, to the other NATO Chiefs of Staff. The second issue which dominated these meetings was the situation in the Balkans and ways in which a regional strategy could be put into place, enabling NATO to pool assets and to develop a global approach to problems in the region. The third major issue on the agenda was NATO's Force Structure Review. Progress made on this process, which aims to bring military capabilities in line with today's security needs, was assessed.

In addition, a brief update was given on NATO's relations with the EU. Partnership for Peace activities and practical military cooperation with Russia were also discussed.

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