Updated: 07-Nov-2001 Week of 5-11 November 2001

5-16 Nov. 2001

Cooperative Determination 2001

Personnel from nine NATO and eleven Partner countries are training in a crisis response operation exercise called Cooperative Determination 2001, from 5-16 November. This exercise, which is part of a long-standing programme of exercises, is taking place in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Cooperative Determination 2001 is not a live exercise, but a command post/ computer assisted exercise, which aims to improve military interoperability for crisis response operations. A multinational brigade headquarters and a mobile medical facility have been formed to train participants in peackoebee support operations and humanitarian assistance procedures at multinational brigade level.

It is scheduled by the Commander-in-Chief, Allied Forces Southern Europe and is conducted by the commander, Joint Sub-Regional Command Southeast. Participating NATO countries are: France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Turkey and the United States. Partner countries involved in the exercise are: Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (1), Georgia, the Kyrgyz Republic, Moldova, Romania, Slovakia and Switzerland. The International Committee of the Red Cross is also participating in this exercise.

  1. Turkey recognises the Republic of Macedonia with its constitutional name.