Updated: 09-Nov-2001 Week of 5-11 November 2001

5-6 Nov. 2001

NATO armaments representatives
hold biannual meeting

At its Autumn meeting this year, 5-6 November, the Conference of National Armaments Directors (CNAD) discussed a number of fundamental issues, including the reinforcement of NATO's defence capabilities, further opportunities for defence cooperation with Partner countries, the development of NATO's Theatre Missile Defence programme as part of its extended air defence concept and Alliance Ground Surveillance.

NATO Partners were invited, for the first time, to attend sessions on both days of the plenary meeting. A large number of Partner countries, including Russia, participated in the discussions, which covered issues such as the contribution of Partners to the Alliance's Defence Capabilities Initiative, submarine search and rescue and cooperation on non-lethal weapons. In addition, Partner National Armaments' Directors joined their NATO counterparts in a policy level luncheon discussion, opened by NATO's Deputy Secretary General, Alessandro Minuto Rizzo, on the implications of and ways to respond to the on-going defence industrial consolidation process for the smaller NATO member countries and Partner nations.

The CNAD meets in plenary session twice a year to assess progress made in key policy areas and projects under its responsibility. It is tasked with identifying collaborative opportunities for research, development and production of military equipment and weapons systems. National Chiefs of Defence Acquisition, their 19 Delegation Representatives at NATO HQ (NADReps), representatives from NATO's International Staff and International Military Staff attended the meeting.

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