Updated: 02-Nov-2001 Week of 5-11 November 2001

5 Nov. 2001

Exercise Allied Effort 2001

Poland will host a NATO exercise, Allied Effort 2001, from 5 to 20 November. Organised by Allied Forces North, the exercise will involve approximately 2,500 personnel from 14 NATO countries and 13 Partner countries and is aimed at training the headquarters and component commands of a Combined Joint Task Force (CJTF) in the planning and conduct of a peace-support operation.

The scenario for the exercise involves a crisis between a number of countries on the fictitious peninsula of Gem, which leads to conflict followed by a UN-brokered cease-fire and the drafting of a peace agreement. In response to a request from the UN Security Council, a NATO-led CJTF is deployed to support the implementation of the peace agreement. The objectives of the peace-support mission are to prevent a resumption of hostilities; to establish the required separation zones; to promote a secure climate for civil reconstruction, nation and confidence-building activities as well as reconciliation.

The exercise and lessons learned from it should contribute to the implementation of the CJTF concept as well as improve interoperability with the forces of Partner countries.

Additional information:
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