Updated: 06-Sep-2011 Week of 8-14 October 2001

9 October 2001

NATO Naval Force deploys
to Eastern Mediterranean

AFSOUTH Press Releases

Following the North Atlantic Council’s decision on implementation of Article 5 of the Washington Treaty as a consequence of the 11 September attacks against the United States, NATO’s Standing Naval Force Mediterranean (STANAVFORMED) has been ordered to deploy to the Eastern Mediterranean. With this deployment the Force will provide NATO presence in the area while demonstrating NATO’s resolve and solidarity.

STANAVFORMED is part of NATO’s immediate reaction forces. Its primary mission is to be able to deploy rapidly to an area of tension or crisis. It also forms the nucleus around which to build a more versatile and powerful naval force, whenever required.

STANAVFORMED currently is comprised of: HMS Chatham, Frigate, UK (Flagship) ; FGS Bayern, Frigate, Germany; HS Formion , Destroyer, Greece; ITS Aliseo, Frigate, Italy; HNLMS Van Nes, Frigate, The Netherlands; SPS Santa Maria, Frigate, Spain; TCG Giresun, Frigate, Turkey; USS Elrod, Frigate, US; FGS Rhoen, Auxiliary Oiler, Germany.

For background information about STANAVFORMED please visit the home page http://www.afsouth.nato.int/FACTSHEETS/STANAVFORMED.htm