Updated: 20-Sep-2001 Week of 17-23 September 2001

17 Sep 2001
New Deputy SACEUR

The new Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe (DSACEUR) has been appointed: General Dieter Stöckmann (photo) of Germany will succeed General Sir Rupert Smith of the United Kingdom, who is retiring from active duty.

17-21 Sep 2001
Submarine safety exercise

With the aim of minimising the risk of submarine accidents, a submarine safety exercise called Cooperative Poseidon is being conducted. The second phase of this exercise is taking place in Bremerhaven, Germany, from 17 to 21 September 2001. This phase consists of a computer-assisted real-time tactical simulation, which is allowing participants to practice the procedures they acquired during phase I of the exercise. Phase I was held in June 2001; it consisted in a seminar on common safety doctrines and procedures in the case of submarine accidents.

17 Sep 2001
Change of command ceremony at SHAPE
General Dieter Stöckmann, the newly appointed Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR), assumed his duties after a change of command ceremony held at the Supreme Allied Command Europe (SHAPE), Mons, on 17 September.
19 Sep 2001
Operation Essential Harvest and beyond
NATO received, on 19 September, an official request from President Trajkovski for a reduced NATO mission to remain in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (1). This new mission would be a follow-up mission to Operation Essential Harvest which finishes on 26 September. Its aim would be to provide an additional level of safety to that provided by national authorities for monitors operating in the country. The monitors would be deployed to allow the implementation of the framework document agreed last month.
19-21 Sep 2001
Discussing the future evolution of NATO
High-level policy-makers are meeting in Berlin, 19-21 September 2001, for the 14th NATO Review conference on the future of the Alliance. Established in 1989, these conferences are an opportunity to discuss the evolution of NATO in light of recent international developments and changes in the security environment.
19-21 Sep 2001
High-level US official at NATO HQ
The Deputy Secretary of State of the United States, Mr Richard L. Armitage, came to NATO HQ on 20 September to brief the Secretary General, Lord Robertson, and the North Atlantic Council on information acquired up to now by the United States authorities on the terrorist attacks of 11 September.



  1. Turkey recognises the Republic of Macedonia with its constitutional name.