Updated: 06-Sep-2001 Week of 3-9 September 2001

5 Sept 2001

Operation Essential Harvest

On 5 September, NATO Spokesman Yves Brodeur, responded to speculations being made in the press with regard to the period immediately following the end of Operation Essential Harvest. He stated that "Once Operation Essential Harvest has successfully completed its task, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (1) will be entering a phase of consolidation. It will be for the government of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (1) to decide how it wants to proceed forward, taking advantage of what we believe will be a promising environment for stability and peace as a result of Operation Essential Harvest."

He added that the international community, including NATO, will want to remain engaged during that consolidation period in supporting the Government and the people of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (1) in achieving peace and stability. " That being said", he continued, "NATO is not, as we speak, considering a new mission or making plans for the extension of Operation Essential Harvest beyond the timeline planned for the mission. Essential Harvest has been designed to fulfil a specific mission within a specific time frame and that has not changed".

Additional information:
  1. Turkey recognises the Republic of Macedonia with its constitutional name.