Updated: 05-Sep-2001 Week of 25 June - 1 July 2001

28 Jun 2001

Air Operations Centre in Spain

Spain handed over a new building to NATO on 28 June to host one of the Alliance's Combined Air Operations Centres (CAOC). These centres supervise air defence and carry out air policing functions.

The new CAOC-8, based in Torrejon near Madrid, was inaugurated on 28 June during a ceremony which was presided by the Chief of Staff of the Spanish Air Force, General Gallarza. General Rubio is the commander of CAOC-8, which comes under the command of COMAIRSOUTH. It is run by specialists in offensive, defensive and support air operations, as well as intelligence and communication personnel. It will replaced by a similar centre in 2007 -known as CARS- which will also benefit from means of command and control.