Updated: 19-Nov-2001 Week of 27 October - 2 Nov. 1999

27 Oct. 1999
NATO-Russia meeting

In its third meeting since the end of the Kosovo crisis, the NATO-Russia Permanent Joint Council (PJC) met on 27 October at NATO HQ to discuss the evolution of the situation in and around Kosovo since the last PJC meeting held on 15 September.

Both parties commended the developing cooperation between NATO and Russian troops participating in KFOR, namely joint patrolling, and re-emphasised the need to establish a multi-ethnic, democratic society and to monitor cross-border movements in the province.

27 Oct. 1999
Kosovo update

KFOR has increased its level of support towards the United Nations Interim Administration in Kosovo (UNMIK) and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) by employing additional heavy convoys to transport shelter equipment to the regional warehouses. One of the KFOR Commander's priorities is winterisation as it will prove to be an element of stability over the coming months. The winterisation effort is well under way with Multi-National Brigades giving support on a daily basis. All brigades have increased their efforts in supporting civilian organisations in areas ranging from sheltering, heating, food and clothing.

The delivery of wheat seed and fertiliser has also become an important task for the brigades. The fields should be planted by November 10 in order not to jeopardise the spring harvest in 2000. Much effort is being placed on the assessment of villages that did not receive any seed and those with inadequate agricultural support.

27 Oct. 1999
Operation Harvest

SFOR peacekeepers in the south-west of Bosnia and Herzegovina are making further progress in "Operation Harvest". This operation aims to encourage the local population to hand over any illegally held weapons they may possess. Rounds are organised on a weekly basis, in collaboration with the local police. Up to now, the operation has been so successful that it is being extended indefinitely.