Updated: 22-Nov-2001 Week of 6-12 October 1999

6 Oct. 1999
Kosovo update

KFOR continues with its primary mission of providing a secure environment and support for civil implementation tasks including UN agencies, NGOs, local administration workers, teachers and school officials. KFOR provides escorts and security for minority groups, humanitarian aid convoys, school children, and the delivery of stipend payments to municipal workers on numerous occasions. For example, KFOR provided an escort for a convoy of Serbs leaving Velika Hoca and continue to escort Roma children to schools in Orahovac.

KFOR continues with its visits to vulnerable persons and security enhancements are being conducted where Serb workers are located. It also continues its supervision of the establishment of the Kosovo Protection Corps (TMK). Recently, TMK members worked directly with KFOR personnel to erect tents at Kalikane school in Istok.

Preparations for winter and humanitarian support are still a priority throughout all Multi-National Brigades (MNB). In the area of winterisation, KFOR has performed roof repairs as well as distributed building materials, clothing, food, and winter wheat seed to numerous locations throughout the area. As of 9 October, a total of 4,653 shelter kits have been distributed. The MNB are also very active in the rebuilding and restoration of school buildings preparing them for the winter. KFOR has provided support, including vehicles and personnel, to assist NGOs in the transportation of humanitarian aid.

6 Oct. 1999
Rau at NATO HQ

The President of the Federal Republic of Germany, Mr Johannes Rau, came to NATO HQ on 6 October to meet Dr Solana. They reviewed the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in Kosovo, and events during the Secretary General's four year tenure. Dr Solana praised Germany's contribution to NATO's peacekeeping missions, pointing out that Germany's General Klaus Reinhardt takes over the command of KFOR on 8 October.

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  • High resolution photos of the visit to NATO by the President of the Federal Republic of Germany, Johannes Rau
6 Oct. 1999
"Four very impressive years"

In a farewell speech, NATO Secretary General, Dr Javier Solana, described his four years in this function as very impressive and difficult to forget. He stated that a major collective effort had been made by all NATO members to adapt to new euro-atlantic security challenges during these four eventful years. He recalled his very first task which was to endorse the transfer of authority in Bosnia and Herzegovina from UNPROFOR to IFOR and broke the news that the Parliament of Ireland had approved an application to become a member of Partnership for Peace on his last day.

Dr Solana will now be taking up the function of High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy for the European Union.

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7 Oct. 1999
NATO after Kosovo

During a 2-day conference held in London by the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA) at Chatham House, 7-8 October, high-level government and military officials discussed the future of NATO after Kosovo. They drew on the lessons learned during the crisis to reflect on the development of areas such as Europe's role within NATO, relations with Partner countries and, in particular, with Russia and on the Alliance's general contribution to security throughout the Euro-Atlantic area. The conference was part of NATO's 50th anniversary programme.

11 Oct. 1999
NATO and Ukraine sign an agreement to provide civilian training for retired Ukrainian army officers.