Updated: 14-Nov-2001 1998

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November 1998

4 Nov

Visit to NATO by President Lennart Meri of Estonia.

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5 Nov

Visit to NATO by Mikulas Dzurinda, Prime Minister of Slovakia.

11 Nov

Meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Commission. Members welcome information on the State Programme of Ukraine on Cooperation with NATO recently approved by President Kuchma and discuss other matters including the stationing of two NATO liaison officers in Kyiv to facilitate Ukraines participation in PfP.

16 Nov

NATO Secretary General attends WEU ministerial meeting in Rome, Italy.

18-20 Nov

NATO Secretary General meets UN Secretary General Kofi Annan and senior US administration officials and US Senators in New York and Washington.

19 Nov

First meeting of the NATO-Russia Joint Science and Technological Cooperation Committee in Moscow, Russia. The North Atlantic Council expresses concern about the deteriorating situation in Kosovo, insisting that all parties must comply fully with relevant United Nations Security Council resolutions.

25 Nov

The President of Romania, Dr. Emil Constantinescu, visits NATO Headquarters.

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26 Nov

NATO Secretary General and Supreme Allied Commander Europe visit the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia to discuss the situation in Kosovo with President Kiro Gligorov and senior government officials.

26-27 Nov

Ukraine's State Inter-Agency Commission visits NATO to present Ukraine's programme of cooperation with NATO (1999-2001).

27 Nov

Visit to NATO of the Prime Minister of Slovakia, Mikulas Dzurinda.

30 Nov

NATO-Russia Permanent Joint Council discusses NATO-Russia cooperation in SFOR in Bosnia and Herzegovina and ways to cooperate in support of the international verification mission in Kosovo.