Updated: 15-Nov-2001 1995

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December 1995

1 Dec

Javier Solana Madariaga is appointed Secretary General of NATO.

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5 Dec

The NAC meets at ministerial level. Foreign and Defence Ministers of all 16 nations affirm their commitment to continue the Alliances efforts to bring peace to Bosnia and Herzegovina.NATO formally endorses the deployment of 60000 troops in Bosnia. The German Parliament votes to contribute 4000 troops. In Paris, the Presidents of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia sign the General Framework Accord for peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina. US troops arrive in Tuzla and UN hands over commands of military operations in Bosnia to NATO. NATO Commander, Admiral Leighton Smith, turns down requests by the Bosnian Serb Assembly leader, Momcilo Krajisnik, for delay of at least nine months in transferring Bosnian Serb areas of Sarajevo to Muslim control. France announces that it will resume its seat in the NATO Military Committee. The French Minister of Defence will also regularly attend the Defence Planning Committee and other meetings.

Additional information:

  • NATO Ministerial Communiqués: Communiqués from the Ministerial Meeting of the North Atlantic Council

  • High resolution photos of the North Atlantic Council (NAC) in Restricted Session at the level of Foreign Ministers with participation of Ministers of Defence
7-8 Dec

OSCE Ministerial Council in Budapest gives guidelines for Security Model and confirms its role in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

14 Dec

President Slobodan Milosevic of Serbia, President Alya Izetbegovic of Bosnia and Herzegovina and President Franjo Tudjman of Croatia sign the Bosnian Peace Agreement in Paris.

15 Dec

The UN Secretary Council adopts Resolution 1031 on the establishment of a Multinational Military Implementation Force.

16 Dec

Beginning of the deployment of the NATO-led ImplementationForce (IFOR) in Bosnia.

19 Dec

Twenty-Eight countries sign the Wassenaar Arrangement on armament and technology export controls.

20 Dec

UN peacekeeping forces (UNPROFOR) hand over command of military operations in Bosnia to the NATO-led Implementation Force (IFOR).