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July 1992

1-3 July

High Level Seminar on Defence Policy and Management at NATO Headquarters, attended by officials from 30 Allied and Cooperation Partner countries.

2 July

The United States notifies its Allies of the completion of the withdrawal from Europe of land-based nuclear artillery shells, LANCE missile warheads and nuclear depth bombs, in accordance with the initiative announced on 27 September 1991, as well as the removal of all tactical nuclear weapons from US surface ships and attack submarines.The Parliament of Kazakhstan approves the ratification of START.

8 July

Visit to NATO by Leonid Kravchuk, President of Ukraine.

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10 July

At the conclusion of the Helsinki CSCE Follow-Up Conference at Summit Level, leaders of the 51 participating nations approve a Final Document (The Challenges of Change) addressing, inter alia, support for CSCE peace-keeping activities by NATO and other international organisations. The Concluding Act of the Negotiations on Personnel Strength of Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE 1A), is also signed. The North Atlantic Council in Ministerial Session in Helsinki agrees on a NATO maritime operation in the Adriatic in coordination and cooperation with the operation by the WEU, to monitor compliance with UN sanctions imposed on Serbia and Montenegro by Security Council Resolutions 713 and 757.

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16 July

WEU member countries meet in Rome with representatives of Denmark, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Norway and Turkey to discuss steps towards enlargement.

16-18 July

Official visit to Hungary by the Secretary General of NATO Manfred Woerner.

17 July

The CFE Treaty, signed on 19 November 1990, enters into force provisionally, allowing verification procedures to be implemented.