March 1999

NATO Archives

  1. Our Mission :
    1. to satisfy the desire for transparency and facilitate access to information for historians and for the public at large, NATO has established an Archives service whose mission will be to preserve its collective memory and to provide access to records that will enable the public to understand the missions, aims and achievement of the Alliance.

  2. NATO Public Disclosure Policy

  3. NATO Archives Reading Room
    1. How to make an appointment to visit the reading room?
    2. Opening hours
    3. How to get to the NATO Archive Reading Room?

  4. Description of the Available Material and Research Tools
    • The records available for consultation consist of document series issued by the International Staff and the NATO Military Authorities between 1949 and 1958. The document series consist of formal documents issued in English and in French by the various committes and working groups; they are arranged in the sequential numerical order according to their type:

      • "A" for agenda,
      • "D" for document,
      • "N" for note,
      • "M" for memorandum,
      • "R" for record,
      • "DS" for decision sheet,
      • "VR" for verbatim record.

      These series are available in the NATO Archive Reading Room either on C-D ROM, on microfilm or on paper. The subject files which, for the most part have been created by the International Staff, are not yet available to the public.

    • Other research tool available

      • Description of series (including creation, terms of reference, main achievements and dissolution where applicable) and listings of document series
      • Index of documents by subject
      • Other bibliographic reference works

  5. Selected Archival Material and Publucations
  6. Selected archival material

    • The Treaty
    • Lord Ismay's Report to the Ministerial meeting of the North Atlantic Council at Bonn, May 1957 April 1952 - 1957
    • The Harmel Report: reports by the 4 sub-groups


    • NATO Strategy Documents 1949 - 1969

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