Updated: 14-Dec-2006 NATO Speeches


14 Dec. 2006

Opening speech

by Boris Tadić, President of Serbia
at the meeting of the North Atlantic Council
and the signing ceremony of the Framework Document
for the accession of Serbia to the Partnership for Peace Programme

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia join NATO Partnership for Peace
Meeting with the North Atlantic Council
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Thank you, thank you very much Mr. General Secretary. I am really happy to be here with you signing this agreement with NATO and this is the end of isolation, not only for Serbia, but also for other regional countries, Bosnia Herzegovina and Montenegro.

I would like to say that Balkans was part of the problem in the past, especially in the dreadful decade of the 1990's and new initiatives and new relations with NATO are reasons for more a more stable region and more prosperous region in the future. Right now we are facing with some problems, but we are very optimistic and we are going to solve these problems, regional problems and we are going to contribute to the European stability. This is our plan.

It symbolizes this... that the end of isolation means that we have Allies again. This is, from my point of view, a very important sign for Serbia's people. Right now we are making reforms in defence sector; we are making reforms in our economy; we are doing everything that is in our power to create Serbia as a modern European country. But also in defence sector, we are going to create more reforms in the future.

I would like to say something what is from my point of view very important. You know and I know that we had some problems regarding our Partnership for Peace program in our join to Partnership for Peace program with NATO. This is co-operation with ICTY (International Court in The Hague Tribunal). I would like to say I'm going underline that Serbia is going to co-operate with the ICTY to finalize this process.  That means to arrest all indicted, to send them in The Hague and to finalize this process. This is how we see co-operation with ICTY; this is how we see our roles, values, and this is how we see our co-operation with NATO in the future.

We are doing that not only because of our future membership in the European Union and I hope in the NATO, but also because of our values, because of our country and our citizens.

Thank you very much for understanding and I think this is a new chapter in our history. This is a very important day for my country and our people. Thank you very much again.


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