Updated: 14-Dec-2006 NATO Speeches


14 Dec. 2006

Opening speech

by Filip Vujanović, President of Montenegro
at the meeting of the North Atlantic Council
and the signing ceremony of the Framework Document
for the accession of Montenegro to the Partnership for Peace Programme

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia join NATO Partnership for Peace
Meeting with the North Atlantic Council
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Mister Secretary General, Your Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen. 

Let me first of all express appreciation to Mr. Secretary General and NATO member States for their decision to invite Montenegro to join the Partnership for Peace.  It is a great event not only for Montenegro as a State but also for all its citizens, I believe to the region as a whole since the success of one country should be considered as a success which is important for all of us. 

I'm confident it will speed up Montenegro integration to European Union.  I'm sure that Montenegro will be an able partner in the Partnership for Peace. 
I'm confident that we share the same values; and that the Montenegro's will to fulfil all commitments under the framework document does contribute to achievement of all its valuable objectives. 

Finally, I would like to stress our pleasure that we join the Partnership for Peace together with Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina.  It is a positive message, new signals from the rest of the Balkan region, the message of our devotion to stability and cooperation, the signal of our first development in regional closeness.

I would like to thank you once more and to assure you, once again, the Montenegro will go to be a credible partner.  Thank you for your attention.


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