Updated: 27-Nov-2006 NATO Speeches


27 Nov. 2006


by Vaira Vīķe-Freiberga, President of Latvia
at the demonstration of C-17 Strategic Airlift Capability

28-29 Nov. 2006 - NATO
NATO Riga Summit

Mr Secretary General,
Ladies and gentlemen,

As president of the host nation, I would like to emphasize how important it is for Latvia as a relative recent member of the Alliance, to see here on our own soil, this increased capability of an Alliance on which we rely and pin our hopes for maintaining our sovereignty and our security for many years to come.

It is very gratifying for us, as a relatively small country, to be able to work together with our partners, to achieve goals that we could not hope to achieve singly, to be able to achieve this synergy where many nations working together can produce this impressive structure that we see here where we are standing with its incredible capabilities, the diversity of uses to which it can be put. We are very happy to be part of such projects.

Thank you very much.


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