Updated: 08-Dec-2005 NATO Speeches


8 Dec . 2005

Introductory statement

by Borys Tarasyuk, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine
at the Meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Commission

Dear colleagues, dear friends, this year was very important both for Ukraine and NATO because following Orange Revolution key decisions had been taken in the context of practical implementation of Ukraine's strategic course towards NATO membership. In 2005, we achieved in NATO-Ukraine relationship more than during all previous years of cooperation. Ukraine 's aspirations to NATO membership were recognized in the Intensified Dialogue on membership issues and related reforms launched between Ukraine and NATO in Vilnius April this year.

I am satisfied with the fact that the Intensified Dialogue turned out into a practical process of substantive consultations that bring Ukraine and NATO to better understanding of the requirements and expectations of each other in the context of our strategic course towards membership in the Alliance . Integration process became an important driving force for political economic security and defence reforms in Ukraine . We are grateful for practical assistance granted by NATO member states in implementation of commitments taken by Ukraine in Vilnius . It is crucial for successful reform process.

At the same time Ukraine is not only a recipient of NATO expertise, but also a contributor to the Alliance security policy. Ukraine 's active and substantial contribution to NATO's peacekeeping and anti-terrorist efforts is the best proof of the fact that Ukraine is ready to become a committed and reliable ally for NATO and its member states. Ukraine continues its endeavour of coming closer to European and Euro-Atlantic standards in order to implement our strategic goal - full fledged membership in the Alliance .

I believe that in order to keep and enforce the positive dynamics of this process in the nearest future, NATO and Ukraine should make the next political step in our partnership towards membership action plan, a new framework of NATO-Ukraine relationship reflecting progress achieved by Ukraine in this sphere of Euro-Atlantic integration.

I thank you very much.

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