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29 June 2004


by H.E. Mr. Sodyq Safayev,
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan
EAPC Summit Meeting in Istanbul

NATO Istanbul Summit

Dear Mr. Chairman,
Distinguished Heads of States and Governments,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am pleased once again to greet the delegations participating at this EAPC Summit and join to the words of appreciation to the Turkish Government for the excellent organization of this important event and warm hospitality.

We hope that this Summit would play significant role in strengthening NATO's peacemaking role, tackling unprecedented activization and expansion of scales of terrorism and religious extremism. Another urgent task is combating narkotrafficking which is one of the major sources of funding terrorism. Thisforum is also aimed to be a key step tn improving effective and mutually beneficial cooperation between member and partner states.

After September 11, 2001 the whole world has realized that without joint efforts of the international community under UN leadership it is not possible to effectively fight against the evil which equally posses a threat for all countries and nations.

Today it is difficult to imagine that a single country outside the framework of international structures could ensure its own security. At the same time we in Uzbekistan are confident that joint antiterrorist actions should not be limited only to cooperation among military and other law enforcement structures. It is very important to direct common efforts at those who train terrorists. No one is born as terrorist; but the minds of certain people might be poisoned by someone, by ideoiogy of hatred and vioience.

In this context, we all should express our concern with the fact that in some countries extremist movements spreading the ideas of inter-confessional and inter-ethnical enmity conduct unimpeded activities.

In other words, facing rapid consolidation and regrouping of international terrorism, unfortunately, the world community so far has failed to overcome the differences to understanding the nature and origin of international terrorism and religious extremism, and accordingly to elaborate common approaches.

Dear Summit participants,

Uzbekistan highly appreciates its partnership with NATO and attaches special importance to expanding it. We look forward to further practical interaction within the framework of the Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council and "Partnership for Peace".

We have carefully studied the documents presented at this Summit and I am authorized to state that all of them should be considered individually with respective countries, and their authorization in relevant level; We are' hopeful that Individual Partnership Action Plan between Uzbekistan and NATO will serve as a solid ground for the development of more individualized relations oriented for the realization of specific needs of Uzbekistan.

Finally, I would like to reiterate Uzbekistan's commitment to further strengthening cooperation with NATO and EAPC with the aim of establishing reliable system of global and regional security. Only by mutual efforts and by taking urgent measures we can achieve success in combating new threats to civilized humanity and provide peace and prosperity for our countries, people and generations to come.
Thank you for your attention.

We strongly support the efforts taken by the international community and the Government of Hamid Karzai aimed at bringing Afghanistan back to peaceful life, ensuring stability and security in that country, conducting successful economic reconstruction. We also do our best to contribute to the progress of revival of Afghanistan.

Uzbekistan is the main transit country for humanitarian supply to Afghanistan. So far around 70% of humanitarian cargo to Afghanistan is being delivered through Uzbekistan via Hairaton Bridge. Uzbek specialists are implementing tangible infrastructure projects in Afghanistan and for example have reconstructed 10 land bridges connecting northern part of the country with Kabul. Uzbekistan is ready for furthering its active participation in this process.

In this context, I would like to address to some issues of ISAF mission, the realization of which is under the NATO's responsibility.

Uzbekistan unequivocally supports ISAF mission and underlines that there is no alternative to ISAF. In this regard, Uzbekistan sees participation of Allies in ISAF mission as a significant contribution of member countries to strengthening the positive processes of stabilizing Afghanistan and its peaceful rehabilitation.

Uzbekistan is ready to provide all possible support and to ensure necessary conditions for successful activity of ISAF and strongly believes that the Agreement between Uzbekistan and Germany, which has been successfully implemented for two years, is the most effective model for such cooperation.

Once again allow my to confirm our position that on the basis of the mentioned agreement the facilitation of all NATO countries sending its contingents for realization of ISAF mission might be very feasible.

Thank you.

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