Updated: 05-Dec-2003 NATO Speeches


5 Dec. 2003


by H.E. Mr. David Aptsiauri, The First Deputy Foreign Minister of Georgia
at the EAPC Ministerial

Mr. Secretary General, Ladies and Gentlemen,

The topics of today’s discussion are very important and substantial. Recent events in Georgia proved that the nation has irreversibly chosen the way of Democratic development. With regard of these developments it was already declared that Georgia’s foreign and security policy priorities remain unchanged. In this respect, as for the member of European family of nations, acquiring its place in a Wider Europe, integration into the European and Euro-Atlantic structures remains high priority for the Country.

Process of fundamental reforms in Georgia is gaining new momentum. Alongside with reform process in political and economic sphere special attention by the new government will be attached to the real substance of the reforms in Defence and Security sector. We highly appreciate support and attention of the Alliance to our country expressed in yesterday’s NAC Final Communiqué.

With regard to the reforms to be conducted new mechanisms and instruments elaborated on the Prague summit, especially Individual Partnership Action Plan and improvement of liaison arrangements with partners will be of utmost importance. Successful dealing with new threats to security goes through the establishment and implementation of an active, focused and individually tailored Partnership. Its parameters, objectives and functional mechanisms have been set up in the Individual Partnership Action Plan, an important adaptation instrument which differentiates and individualizes the Partnership schemes.

When talking about our role and place in the Euro-Atlantic security system, we should take into consideration those obstacles which regrettably abound along the road – specifically, aggressive separatism, unresolved conflicts, unwanted foreign military presence and the unrest in our neighborhood. These affect in negative way to all attempts to create stable political, economic and social environment in the region.

The new era of Globalization highlighted the notion of the indivisibility of security of Euro-Atlantic region. Therefore new threats we pose are of a complex nature. One of these “complex” threats to our region are uncontrolled territories, the so-called “white spots”. Complexity implies large scale criminal, terrorist activities supported by illegal economic activities, arms trade and drug trafficking. These challenges require immediate attention and cooperation of international community.

Attempts of the international organizations largely failed to solve this problem due to ineffective legal framework and mechanisms of decision making and influence. Main dilemma for international community today is to define the legal borders of the sovereign rights of individual states and their responsibilities within the new security system.

Even such successful arms control regime as CFE Treaty was unable to apply its verification regime on “white spots” to deal with UTLE problem. Another problem linked to the successful application of CFE regime is linked to the ignoring fundamental principle of the host State freely expressed consent on duration and modalities of foreign military presence. Particularly violation sovereign right of Georgia, its political will to free its territory from the Russian military presence.

We consider the CFE Treaty as a cornerstone of European security and attach great importance to the fulfillment without further delay of Istanbul commitments which will create necessary conditions for State Parties to move forward on ratification of Adapted CFE. Georgian side always tried to be flexible and constructive during the negotiations. We stand ready to resume negotiation process on the issue with Russia at appropriately senior level, but final success of the negotiations depends on the willingness of Russian Federation to resolve outstanding issues.

We highly value Alliance’s unanimous position regarding fulfillment of the Istanbul commitments on the Adapted CFE Treaty as a precondition for the entry into force of the Adapted Treaty.

In positive note example of solving Pankisi problem should be mentioned. This problem was solved with full respect of sovereignty of Georgia and maximal positive involvement of international community.

Partnership will be needed for the future to better meet the challenges of a changing security environment. In that sense, we welcome the idea of a more focused and substantial Partnership embodied by the adoption, in Prague, of a Partnership Action Plan against Terrorism and its practical tool and mechanism the NATO Response Force.


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