Updated: 25-Nov-2002 NATO Speeches


22 November


by Mr. Robert Kocharian, President of Armenia
at the EAPC summit meeting in Prague

Mr. Chairman,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Armenia treats Euro-Atlantic partnership as an indivisible part of common European security architecture. Participation in the Partnership allows Armenia to better implement a major component of our foreign policy -- integration into European structures. We believe that the Partnership should continue to be guided by its main principles of inclusiveness and self-differentiation. We believe also that individualised relations with Partners should be harmonized at levels of sub-regional cooperation. This will contribute to preserving peace and stability in regions with unsettled conflicts.

The threat of international terrorism mobilized the civilized world. September 11 underscored the importance of political link between NATO and Partner countries. Without the cooperation of all NATO Partners, the result of anti-terrorist operations would have been different.

Immediately after the September 11 attacks, Armenia stated its commitment to combat international terrorism and to contribute to the anti-terrorist coalition. We welcome the "Action Plan against Terrorism."

The South Caucasus, as the boundary of the European continent, should be considered an indivisible part of European security. We believe that EAPC can play an increasingly important role in confidence-building in the Southern Caucasus, promoting constructive dialogue and enhancing regional cooperation. That is consistent with the objectives of Armenia's participation in EAPC.

The improvement of NATO - Russia relations can serve to further strengthen Euro-Atlantic security and help prevent the creation of new dividing lines. For us, it is also important in the light of our advanced military cooperation with Russia and the policy of complementarity that we have been consistently implementing.

Armenia has significantly broadened the scope of its activities with NATO. Last month, Armenia joined the Planning and Review Process of PfP. Armenia has also made a political decision to contribute to the peace-keeping operations with its peace-keeping company. Next year, Armenia will for the first time host a PfP military exercise. Hosting seminars under the auspices of EAPC has become a tradition in our country.

Mr. Chairman,

As we have already demonstrated in Paris and Key West, we are strongly committed to a comprehensive peaceful settlement of the Nagorno Karabagh conflict. Such a settlement requires that all sides acknowledge and tackle the root causes of the conflict, rather than try to deal with the consequences. Had Azerbaijan accepted the proposed settlement, we would have already been halfway through the implementation of the peace agreement. Effective regional cooperation and renouncing hostile propaganda would have significantly enhanced the potential of peace process. We are responsible to our peoples and to the world to take the steps to reach a lasting peace.

Mr. Chairman,

Partnership and cooperation have already accomplished a great deal, bringing direct benefits to citizens of NATO Member and Partner states. In fact, from a system of security for the member of the alliance, NATO is turning into a system of protection of a zone of common values. Building on its achievements and tackling future challenges will be the key to the further success of Partnership.

Thank you.


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