Updated: 07-Dec-2001 NATO Speeches

7 Dec. 2001


of the Head of Delegation of the Republic of Kazakhstan
H.E. Tuleutai Suleimenov, Ambassador of the Republic of
Kazakhstan to the Kingdom of Belgium at the Session of Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council

Mr, Chairman,
Ladies and gentlemen!

Security in the Euro-Atlantic area attracts a special attention today. The statements pronounced here prove it.

Being in the close neighbourhood to the Afghani seat of crisis, Kazakhstan is profoundly conscious of the threat of international terrorism and takes additional measures aimed at strengthening its frontiers, toughening of the customs control, disclosing of extremist and illegal groupings, prevention of illegal migration.

The appropriate measures to address a set of questions in this sphere are undertaken at a regional and national level. By present, Kazakhstan has signed bilateral agreements on cooperation in the field of struggle against terrorism and the international criminality with 10 EAPC member-countries and this process continues.

Kazakhstan declared its determination to render in every way possible its assistance to the international antiterrorist coalition. We are ready to consider additional opportunities for the deployment in our territory of humanitarian aid points. To discuss all the package of cooperation matters, according to the arrangement between the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbaev and the President of the USA George Bush, these days Kazakhstan will be visited by the American delegation led by the US Secretary of State Collin Powell.

Besides, Kazakhstan is interested in creation of the EAPC Ad hoc working group on Central Asia and considers expedient to start its formation, and also welcomes the Finnish-Swedish initiative.

Furthermore, Kazakhstan would like to develop cooperation with the NATO / EAPC in such fields, as strengthening of national borders security, working out the suitable format for the exchange of the appropriate information with the NATO Special Committee on terrorism.

And in conclusion, Kazakhstan supports the EAPC Action Plan for 2002-2004 and expresses hope, that its realization will allow to achieve jointly the planned purposes for safeguarding and strengthening of security in Central Asia.

Thank you for your attention.

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