16 Oct. 1998


By the NATO Spokesman

on the NAC of 16 October 1998

The North Atlantic Council at its meeting today took stock of the state of compliance in Kosovo.

We are still at some distance from full compliance. There is a clear evidence that many army and special units, that are normally based outside Kosovo, are still deployed in Kosovo. As the Secretary General made clear in Belgrade, the North Atlantic Council expects these units to be withdrawn immediately.

While in Belgrade, the Secretary General impressed upon President Milosevic the urgent need to comply fully with UNSCR 1199.

The NAC therefore decided to maintain its readiness to launch air operations against Yugoslavia, including the deployment of substantial air forces in the region.

The NAC has decided that the period before execution of air strikes will be extended until 27th October.

The Council will continue to monitor developments very closely.

The NAC calls on President Milosevic to take urgent steps to ensure that full compliance is achieved in this time period.

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