At the Meeting
of the Council
(at 19)

5 Oct. 1998

Speaking Notes

for the Chairman, Dr. Javier Solana

16 + 3 + 1 Dialogue Session with Slovenia

Today we are honoured to welcome the President of Slovenia, Mr. Milan Kucan. Slovenia has been one of the most active participants in PfP since joining in March 1994 and consistently contributes debate and initiatives in the EAPC. Since August 1997, Slovenia has participated in SFOR, continuing its participation under the new mandate and offering a new contribution, soon to deploy, to the Multinational Special Unit in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Slovenia has been invited to begin accession negotiations with the European Union and has recently completed a successful term as the Presidency of the United Nations Security Council. Slovenia's close and active cooperation with the Alliance, the invitation to begin negotiations with the EU and its active and constructive role in the UN Security Council all testify to Slovenia's commitment to play a positive role in the world, contributing to security in the Euro Atlantic region.


Today's dialogue builds on the Intensified Dialogue sessions begun in 1996, and adds to the dialogue session in March with the Slovenian Foreign and Defence Ministers. At that time, Slovenia circulated the informative and detailed document "National Strategy for Integration of the Republic of Slovenia in NATO". Delegations and the Staff studied your document with great care and it was used as the basis for a detailed and thorough meeting between Slovenia and the NATO Team. The effort further confirms Slovenia's commitment to deepening its cooperative relationship with NATO.

Let me now give the floor to our distinguished Dean, Ambassador von Richthofen.

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