of the Euro-
in Defense

12 June 1998


by H.E. Dr. Werner FASSLABEND
Minister of Defense of the Federal Republic of Austria

Austria welcomes the political decisions approved by the North Atlantic Council in Defense Ministers Format which will be backed up by detailed military planning for possible options.

The Russian Federation is playing an important role in the ongoing diplomatic approach of this growing crisis.

For a diplomatic solution the seriousness of will of the community of states will be a decisive prerequisite.

There is one individual in Europe who has drawn into war Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and is now fighting against the people of Kosovo.

Mr. Milosevic has crossed the Rubicon and will be completely isolated if he doesn't take a way to a peaceful solution on recognizing a need of human rights in this area.

A crucial question certainly is the legal basis of possible military options - but if the international community has the will to act, a proper way will have to be found to do so.

Austria has originally not planned to participate in the NATO-PfP-Exercise COOP "Best Effort" in FYROM, but due to the changed situation and taking into account the decisions made by the North Atlantic Council yesterday, Austria will consider to participate with an appropriate unit.

The present Situation requires the solidarity of all EAPC-nations and Austria is prepared to carry with others the decisions of the international community.

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