of mutual
of the
Swiss IPP
by Switzerland
and NATO

18 June 1997


of Federal Councillor Adolf Ogi,
Head of the Swiss Federal Military Department

Mr. Secretary-General,
Permanent Representatives,

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As Minister of Defence of Switzerland I am very proud to be here today for the acceptance of the Swiss IPP for the Partnership for Peace. This is a historic event for Switzerland. The decision to take part in PfP is an important step for my country. It gives a new dimension to our international solidarity.

For the first time we establish a formal relation with NATO. This participation in the Partnership for Peace does not signal a new orientation of our security policy. But PfP gives a new impulse to our policy of good offices. We appreciate the "a-la-carte" principle of PfP.

It allow us

  • to shape our offer

  • and to decide, against the background or our own objectives, the direction of our main efforts.

This in the multilateral framework of PfP.

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Switzerland is, and intends to stay, neutral. But this is a living neutrality. We understand neutrality as a commitment in favour of stability and security in Europe. Neutrality is not incompatible with solidarity. This is the reason why Switzerland wants to co-operate actively with NATO and the Partner States.

26 cantons, 4 cultures: Switzerland is a miniature of Europe. For centuries the Swiss have cultivated common values such as federalism and respect of minorities. They have developed unity through diversity. As a result of this long apprenticeship, the Swiss will - and want - to share their experiences.

For these reasons Switzerland is fully committed to the basic values reaffirmed in the Framework Document of the Partnership. We shall prove our attachment to these essential values. The IPP that we accept today is concrete proof. We proceed to its implementation.

In its activities within PfP, Switzerland attaches particular importance and priority to the following areas:

  1. training in security policy at the Geneva Centre for Security Policy;

  2. enhancement of co-operation in the fields of military and disaster medicine;

  3. increasing the international exchange of expertise in arms control, the rehabilitation of war-torn societies, humanitarian international law and the OSCE;

  4. promotion of the free flow of information concerning security policy by providing better access through Internet.

Switzerland offers 18 activities along these lines. And Switzerland intends to take part in 38 PfP activities organised by NATO or Partner States.

We consider this a good beginning of our participation in PfP. A participation which we shall conduct with enthusiasm.

I am pleased to state formally that the Swiss Government fully accepts the present IPP. Switzerland is proud to be your partner.

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