Table of Contents

No 4, July 1996

NATO Review Cover Jaime Gama
Portugal and the transformed NATO.

Anthony Cragg
The Combined Joint Task Force concept: a key component of the Alliance's adaptation.

Admiral Leighton W. Smith, Jr.
The pillars of peace in Bosnia

General Klaus Naumann
From cooperation to interoperability

Frits Bolkestein
NATO: deepening and broadening

Jaromir Novotny
From PfP to IFOR - the Czech experience

Focus on NATO

  1. Workshop on Air Defence Training and Exercise Planning
  2. IFOR's role in the transition to peace.
  3. Facts on NATO's nuclear posture.
  4. Intensified international cooperation to dismantle and destroy surplus weapons.
  5. NATO Research Fellowships Programme 1996-1998.
  6. NATO Advanced Research Workshop on "The eclipse of the century".


  1. Ministerial Meeting of the North Atlantic Council, Berlin, 3 June 1996.
  2. Chairman's Summary of the Ministerial Meeting of the North Atlantic Cooperation Council