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NATO Review welcomes unsolicited manuscripts. As the Alliance's flagship magazine on current policy issues, the Review is intended to contribute to a constructive discussion of transatlantic security matters. As such, articles that appear in the Review may not necessarily represent official opinion, policy of member governments, or NATO. Submissions should focus on NATO-relevant themes or on topics of interest in the overall context of security policy, peace and stability.

Potential contributors should bear in mind that NATO Review publishes both General Content articles and articles under the following subheadings:

Analysis articles that offer in-depth research;

Book Reviews;

History pieces: pieces that consider people or events from the Alliance’s past;

Military Matters pieces that focus on NATO capabilities, or missions and operations;

Opinion pieces that follow a clear and concise argument; and

Specials that present alternative perspectives on NATO and its policies.

Any submitted article not explicitly labelled using the above sub-headings will be considered under the ‘General Content’ rubric.

NATO Review considers articles with a length between 1,000 and 2,000 words, with a preference for articles of approximately 1,500 words. Pieces longer than 2,000 words will not be considered. Pieces that appear in the Review are translated into 24 Alliance languages plus Russian, Ukrainian, Arabic, and Hebrew. Contributors are compensated.

If you have an article, preferably in English or French, that you would like to submit for the consideration of the Review, please email it to the following address

Please attach an up-to-date résumé with previous writing experience and a two-hundred word summary, in English or French, of the manuscript. Note that submission of an article does not entail any obligation on behalf of NATO Review to publish it.

Please also be aware that NATO Review does not reprint previously published manuscripts. Direct any questions to the Editor

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Senior Gender Advisor, Swedish Armed Forces, Sweden
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