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Yemen: danger ahead?
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Yemen: danger ahead?
Yemen is a typical example of a faraway land of which we know little. But the events taking place there may change our attitude. As the base of a new branch of al Qaida, the training camp of suicide bombers, a country on the verge of state failure and/or civil war and with perhaps the first capital city to run out of water, Yemen clearly deserves more attention than it gets now - but this may change very soon.
Want a quick guide to the problems in Yemen? Here's a three minute video which gives the key facts about Yemen, why it matters, the issues at stake and how it may affect us all.
NATO Review talks to Marisa Porges, former counter-terrorism advisor to the US Government, about the threats posed by, to and in Yemen.
Since its birth in 2009, al Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) has thrived in Yemen because the country has so many other problems, argues Chris Boucek.
Could Yemen's multiple challenges spill over into neighbouring countries? How well prepared are these countries ? David Hughes looks at the threat of a regional domino effect.
Al Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula is a moving target, literally. When attacked by Western forces after the attempted Christmas day bombing last year, it changed its strategy.
How does al Qaida growth's in Yemen look to Yemeni eyes? Faris Sanabani explains the particular national characteristics that he thinks have played a role in making Yemen the home to al Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula.

Following the summer break (and the miserable performance of some of the national football teams mentioned in the previous edition, particularly my own - England), we're back to more pressing security issues now with this edition on the challenges posed - and faced - by Yemen.

But before going any further into that, a piece of unashamed promotion of NATO Review. Videos made by NATO Review recently won a couple of awards. They were given for its video on the financial crisis, produced last year. The awards included a Gold award at the World Media Festival and a Certificate for Creative Excellence at the International Film and Video Festival. So a big thank you to all who worked on that video.

Back to the current Yemen edition, which also includes a three minute guide as its first piece. Researching this edition was not a very edifying exercise, as the more you learn about the country, the more concerned you become. Even the CIA recently reportedly indicated (to the New York Times among others) that the activities of al Qaida on the Arabian Peninsula are starting to cause as much - if not more - concern as their counterparts in South Asia.

Yemen is an issue which I am sure will only gain more, not less, attention as time passes. But maybe it is already time for us all to start paying attention now. If the Christmas Day bomb attempt had exploded, this would already be the case. The brave actions of a few plane passengers should not be reason enough for the country to slip again into the background.

Paul King