Partnerships: Old and New
26 June 2007, Moscow: NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer and Russian President Vladimir Putin commemorating the fifth anniversary of the NATO-Russia Council, and the tenth of the Founding Act on Mutual Relations
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Coming at the cusp of a number of major anniversaries, this edition of the NATO Review focuses on several of the Alliance’s most significant relationships, and on some of the structures that underpin NATO’s partnerships.
Dmitri Trenin takes a hard look at the NATO-Russia relationship on the fifth anniversary of the NATO-Russia Council and the tenth of the Paris Founding Act on Mutual Relations.
Professor Grigoriy M. Perepelytsia gives his personal perspective on the choices facing Ukraine in its relations with the North Atlantic Alliance.
Dr Amadeo Watkins and Srdjan Gligorijevic discuss the past, present and immediate future of NATO’s role in the Balkan region.
Dr Masako Ikegami looks at the NATO-Japan relationship and offers her recommendations for improving East Asian security.
Robert F. Simmons Jr gives an insider’s view of the genesis and evolution of NATO’s main Partnership forum.

Professor Adrian Pop examines the evolving relationship between the European Union and the Atlantic Alliance.