Partnerships: Old and New

NATO and Russia: Sobering thoughts and practical suggestions
Dmitri Trenin takes a hard look at the NATO-Russia relationship on the fifth anniversary of the NATO-Russia Council and the tenth of the Paris Founding Act on Mutual Relations.
NATO and Ukraine: At the crossroads
Professor Grigoriy M. Perepelytsia gives his personal perspective on the choices facing Ukraine in its relations with the North Atlantic Alliance.
NATO and the Balkans: The case for greater integration
Dr Amadeo Watkins and Srdjan Gligorijevic discuss the past, present and immediate future of NATO’s role in the Balkan region.
NATO and Japan: Strengthening Asian stability
Dr Masako Ikegami looks at the NATO-Japan relationship and offers her recommendations for improving East Asian security.
Ten years of the Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council:
A personal reflection

Robert F. Simmons Jr gives an insider’s view of the genesis and evolution of NATO’s main Partnership forum.
NATO and the European Union: Cooperation and security
Professor Adrian Pop examines the evolving relationship between the European Union and the Atlantic Alliance.



The NATO-Russia partnership: More than meets the eye
Paul Fritch reflects on developments over the last decade in the relationship between the former Cold War adversaries.
Money at the root of evil: The economics of transnational terrorism
Adrian Kendry shines a light into the shadowy world of terrorist finance.


The Alliance’s lesson in ‘Solidarity’
Lech Wałęsa reminisces on the tenth anniversary of NATO’s membership invitation to Poland.


The big move
François Le Blévennec takes us back 40 years with his eyewitness account of the move of NATO Headquarters from Paris to Brussels.