Invocation of Article 5: five years on

Invocation in context
Sebestyén L. v. Gorka analyses the significance of the invocation of Article 5 five years on.
Invoking Article 5
Edgar Buckley describes how NATO invoked Article 5 on 12 September 2001, 24 hours after the terrorist attacks against the United States.
Reality check
Tomas Valasek examines evolving attitudes to collective defence at NATO from the perspective of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.
Negotiating Article 5
Stanley R. Sloan analyses the debate over Article 5 that dominated the Washington Treaty negotiations.


Should homeland security be a fundamental NATO mission?
Rafael L. Bardají versus Daniel Keohane



Combating human trafficking
Captain Keith J. Allred examines NATO policy on countering trafficking in human beings.

Military matters

Future NATOs
Stephan De Spiegeleire and Rem Korteweg consider a variety of scenarios for the Alliance's future.