Operations: old and new

NATO's evolving operations
James Pardew and Christopher Bennett examine how NATO's focus has shifted towards operations and the challenges ahead.
Building stability in Afghanistan
Mihai Carp assesses the challenges of and prospects for NATO's Afghan operation as the Alliance expands its presence in Afghanistan.
Deepening relations
Gabriele Cascone and Joaquin Molina analyse the coming year's prospects for the Western Balkans from a NATO perspective.
NATO's growing humanitarian role
Maurits Jochems examines NATO's role in disaster relief in the wake of Hurricane Katrina and the South Asian earthquake.




Afghanistan's drugs challenge
Alexia Mikhos examines the scale of the narcotics threat to Afghanistan and how it impacts NATO's operation there.


A tale of three Cold Warriors
Kenneth Weisbrode pays tribute to George F. Kennan, Paul H. Nitze and Andrew J. Goodpaster, three leading Cold-War strategists who all died recently.


Report of the "Three Wise Men": 50 years on
Lawrence S. Kaplan analyses the significance of the Report of the Committee of Three on Non-Military Cooperation in NATO on the 50th anniversary of its publication.

Military matters

Farewell to war
Christoph Bertram argues that NATO should focus on stabilisation and give up the pretence of being a war-fighting alliance.