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NATO's role in nation-building
James Dobbins examines how NATO should work together with other international institutions in nation-building.
Afghanistan's transformational challenge
Diego A. Ruiz Palmer examines the impact of NATO's engagement in Afghanistan on the Alliance's wider transformation.
Transforming attitudes

Jeffrey Schwerzel considers the importance of cultural and religious factors in peace-support operations and argues for systematic, NATO-wide cultural-awareness training.

Improving linguistic interoperability
Mark Crossey considers the importance of language policy at NATO and its effects on interoperability based on the experience of Central and Eastern European countries.
NATO and peace-building
Helping build critical infrastructure

The demand for peace-building has never been greater and is growing by the year. In the course of the past decade, the Alliance has become increasingly involved in peace-building and is currently running complex operations in both the former Yugoslavia and Afghanistan.
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