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Secretary General's foreword

Examining NATO’s Transformation

Remaining relevant
Jonathan Parish offers a personal account of NATO’s transformation.

The need for change
Henning Riecke considers the need for change in international organisations.

NATO’s transformation scorecard
Robert G. Bell assesses implementation of NATO’s Prague, Norfolk and Munich transformation agendas.

Rethinking NATO’s force transformation
Anthony H. Cordesman analyses the rationale behind force transformation.

Taking the transformation agenda forward
Mark Joyce examines how NATO has been transforming since Jaap de Hoop Scheffer succeeded Lord Robertson.


Should NATO play a more political role?
Espen Barth Eide versus Frédéric Bozo


Admiral Sir Mark Stanhope: DSACT

Nick Witney: Europe’s capabilities’ conscience


Manlio Brosio: Cold War consensus-builder
Ryan C. Hendrickson examines the record of Manlio Brosio, NATO’s fourth Secretary General, 25 years after his death.


The transformation challenge
John J. Garstka examines the concept of transformation.

Military matters

Matching capabilities to commitments
Steve Sturm examines how NATO is seeking to improve its force-generation and defence-planning processes.