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Triumph of principle, patience and persistence
Jaap de Hoop Scheffer places NATO’s achievements in Bosnia and Herzegovina in historical perspective.
From Dayton implementation to European integration
Javier Solana considers how the European Union can assist Bosnia and Herzegovina’s European integration.
Staying the course

Robert Serry and Christopher Bennett analyse NATO’s future engagement in the Balkans after the end of SFOR.

Examining the SFOR experience
Admiral Gregory G. Johnson examines problems encountered and lessons learned from NATO’s operations in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Historic change in the Balkans
Mostar's Reconstructed Old Bridge
(© Mostar's Center for Peace and Multi-
ethnic Cooperation )
On 2 December 2004, the NATO-led Stabilisation Force (SFOR) comes to an end and the Alliance hands responsibility for providing security in Bosnia and Herzegovina to the European Union. The photo of the reconstructed Old Bridge, or Stari Most, in Mostar is in many ways symbolic of both the Wars of Yugoslav Dissolution and international reconstruction efforts.
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