From Kosovo to Kabul and beyond

Change and continuity
Lord Robertson looks back on his time as Secretary General and reflects on Alliance history, transformation and prospects.

Reviving European defence cooperation
Charles Grant examines the evolution of Europe's Security and Defence Policy and its impact on NATO and transatlantic relations.

NATO's Balkan Odyssey
Robert Serry analyses the evolution of NATO's presence and activities in the former Yugoslavia since the Kosovo campaign and considers future prospects.

Debating security strategies
David S. Yost examines the implications for NATO of US strategic thinking and urges an Alliance-wide debate.


Are the challenges NATO faces today as great as they were in the Cold War?
Andrés Ortega versus Tomas Valasek


Jaap de Hoop Scheffer: Diplomatic long distance runner
Robert van de Roer profiles Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, NATO's new Secretary General.


General Götz Gliemeroth: ISAF Commander

Book review

Understanding Afghanistan and its neighbours
Osman Yavuzalp reviews two of the best recent books to appear on Afghanistan and Central Asia.


Aspiring to NATO membership
Zvonimir Mahecic analyses Croatia's relationship with NATO and its Alliance membership aspirations.


Mars and Venus?