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Christopher Bennett is editor of NATO Review.

Fraser Cameron is director of studies at the European Policy Centre in Brussels.

Pol De Witte is head of NATO and Multilateral Affairs in NATO's Political Affairs and Security Policy Division.

Paul Fritch is head of the Russia and Ukraine Relations Section in NATO's Political Affairs and Security Policy Division.

Julian Lindley-French is director of European Security Policy at the Geneva Centre for Security Policy.

Petr Lunak is senior programme coordinator in the Outreach Section of NATO’s Public Diplomacy Division with special responsibility for Russia and Ukraine.

Andrew Moravscik is professor of government and director of the European Union Program at Harvard University's Center for European Studies.

James Sherr is a fellow at the Conflict Studies Research Centre in Camberley, which is part of the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom.

Vice-Marshal Andrew Vallance is is executive assistant for Command Structure Implementation to the Chief of Staff, SHAPE.

Rolf Welberts is director of NATO’s Information Office in Moscow.

Zuqian Zhang is director of European Studies at the Shanghai Institute for International Studies.