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Note from the Editor: Only three issues of NATO Review will be published this year: Spring/Summer 2000, Summer/Autumn 2000 and Winter 2000/2001.

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Letter from the Secretary General


No 2 - Summer Autumn 2000

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Focus on NATO

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Italy in the Balkans
Ambassador Amedeo de Franchis
To mark the visit of Italian President Carlo Azeglio Ciampi to NATO, Ambassador Amedeo de Franchis examines Italys policy towards the Balkans.



Making up for lost time
Ivica Racan
Ivica Racan describes the revolution that has taken place in Croatian policy this year and his aspirations for the future.


Cultivating Croatias military
Kristan J. Wheaton
Kristan J. Wheaton describes how NATO countries helped prepare the Croatian military for the transition from authoritarian to democratic rule.

  Southeastern Europe


A European vision for the Balkans
Chris Patten
Chris Patten examines the challenges facing the European Union in southeastern Europe and analyses current policies to meet them. Ciampi and Ambassador de Franchis (right) at NATO,


Commanding KFOR
General Klaus Reinhardt
General Klaus Reinhardt reflects on KFORs contribution to the Kosovo peace process and highlights difficulties that lie ahead.


Balkan breakthrough?
Christopher Bennett
Christopher Bennett assesses the prospects for democratic change and self-sustaining peace and stability in the former Yugoslavia..


Romanian reflections
Radu Bogdan
Radu Bogdan considers Romanias aspirations to join the European Union and NATO and the reform programme currently underway in his country.


Helping Albania manage munitions
Richard Williams
Richard Williams describes how a NATO-led team is helping Albania deal with unexploded munitions and explosives, which have killed scores of people.

  Military Matters


Shaping soldiers for the 21st century
Chris Donnelly
Chris Donnelly examines the difficulties all European militaries face to meet the challenge of the 21st century, focusing on the armies of central and eastern Europe, where the need for reform is most urgent.


Harnessing technology for coalition warfare
Joseph J. Eash III
Joseph J. Eash III explains how the rapid integration of advanced technologies into war-fighting systems helped the Allies during the Kosovo campaign.

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