No. 1 - Jan. 1996
Vol. 45 - pp. 14

Focus on NATO


by NATO Secretary General, Javier Solana,
on the Spanish Parliament's vote on full integration into NATO

I warmly welcome the vote by the Spanish Parliament on 14 November endorsing the Government's decision to participate fully in the renovated Atlantic Alliance and to take the necessary steps for Spain's full participation in the new allied military structure. It is particularly gratifying that this decision was endorsed by such a large majority.

I believe that the Parliament's decision is a timely one. The Alliance and its structures have already been greatly changed to take account of the dramatic developments in European security in the last few years and we are now in the process of making further far-reaching adaptations to it. Spain's participation in the new structure will enable her to play her full part in reshaping the Alliance to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

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