No. 6 - Nov. 1996
Vol. 44 - pp. 18

Focus On NATO

Defence Research Group seminar on non-lethal weapons

NATO's Defence Research Group (DRG) recently concluded a seminar on the topic of "Non-Lethal Weapons". In the current environment of increasing emphasis on peacekeeping and peace support operations, governments are interested in the possibility of developing weapons which are significantly less likely to be lethal or to cause long-term injury. The term "Non-Lethal Weapons" applies to a broad array of technologies with the potential of meeting this need.

The DRG seminar was hosted by Italy at its CISAM Study Institute (Centro Interforze Studi per le Applicazioni Militari), near Pisa, Italy. One hundred and forty-eight participants attended this technical conference, representing 12 NATO nations (Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and the United States), and two non-NATO nations (Sweden and Switzerland). Thirty-two papers were presented in two key sessions, dealing with "Conceptual/Operational Aspects" and "Technological Aspects". This was the first conference sponsored by NATO dealing with Non-Lethal Weapons, and it provided the participating nations with an opportunity to exchange information on their technology activities in this important area.

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