No. 5 - Sept. 1996
Vol. 44 - pp. 28

Focus on NATO

Council endorses the first NATO Standardization Programme

The North Atlantic Council endorsed on 19 July the first overall NATO Standardization Programme ever available to the Alliance. It provides for 50 harmonized and prioritized objectives for standardization which, when implemented by the nations involved, will improve standardization in NATO considerably, especially with respect to multinational forces.

The programme was submitted by the NATO Committee for Standardization which was established by the Council in January 1995. In his introductory remarks, Secretary General Javier Solana pointed out that it is a 'living' document which will be updated as necessary, taking into account additional requirements and the lessons learned from Operation Joint Endeavour. The North Atlantic Council will be periodically informed about the progress made on implementation.

Ambassadors expressed their satisfaction with the results obtained and commended the Office of NATO Standardization, as part of the NATO Standardization Organization, for this outstanding achievement. It was emphasized that work on implementation of this programme should start immediately. The desire was also expressed that the programme should become a useful tool in improving interoperability between NATO and Partner nations.

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