Updated: 11-Oct-2006 NATO Press Releases


5 October 2006

Statement by the Secretary General on expansion of NATO’s operation in Afghanistan

Bullet NATO in Afghanistan
05/10/2006 - ISAF
NATO's top officer comments
on expansion of ISAF operations
High resolution photos from the transfer of authority

Today, the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force has expanded its operations to include the East of Afghanistan.  NATO will now carry out its UN-mandated mission – to extend the authority of the Afghan Government, and to create the conditions for reconstruction and development --  throughout the whole country, building on the efforts of the US-led Coalition.

The expansion of the NATO-ISAF mission is a reflection of the Alliance’s unflagging commitment to help the Afghan people build a better future for themselves. As part of that effort,  NATO will soon also begin providing equipment and training to the Afghan National Army.

In Afghanistan, there can be no development without security; and there will be no long-term security without development.  Therefore all international actors need to work closely together, supporting and reinforcing each other in order to maximise their efforts and to promote Afghan ownership.

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