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8 June 2006

Chairman’s summary

Meeting of the Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council
in Defence Ministers session
held in Brussels on Thursday, 8 June 2006

  1. Events
    8 June 2006 - NATO HQ
    Defence Ministers Meetings
    Defence Ministers of the member countries of the Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council (EAPC) met in Brussels today. This meeting provided an opportunity for the EAPC Defence Ministers to come together and exchange opinions in the run-up to NATO’s Riga Summit to be held in November 2006.
  2. Taking into account the valuable contribution of the Partners to NATO-led operations, Ministers concentrated on operational cooperation between NATO and Partners. They took stock of Partner contributions to NATO-led operations and discussed ways of further improving the range and quality of troops and capabilities. In this regard, they concentrated on the full use of the various Partnership tools which have been put in place for this purpose.
  3. Ministers reiterated the important role the Planning and Review Process, the Operational Capabilities Concept, the Training and Education Enhancement Programme, and the Military Training and Exercise Programme play in the preparation of Partners’ forces for NATO-led operations and expressed their determination to exploit these Partnership tools to the full. They also expressed their full support for the process laid out in the Political-Military Framework for NATO-led PfP operations regarding consultations in preparation for, and during the execution of, operations.
  4. Partner Ministers were informed about key issues on NATO’s own agenda in the run-up to the Riga summit. Ministers exchanged views on how prospective developments in the field of NATO’s work on transformation might affect the operational relationship between NATO and Partners. They also exchanged views on how the Partnership could be further enhanced.
  5. Ministers reaffirmed their determination to continue their fight against terrorism and also discussed related operational issues. In this context, NATO’s Operation Active Endeavour has been open for Partner and other non-NATO contributions since the Istanbul Summit. The Alliance is working together closely with partner countries who have shown interest in cooperating within the Operation.

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