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30 Nov. 2005

NATO-Ukraine Commission Ambassadorial
30 November 2005 - NATO HQ, Brussels

The NATO-Ukraine Commission met today at Ambassadorial level at NATO Headquarters in Brussels. Ambassador Volodymyr Khandogiy, the Head of the NATO Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and NATO Ambassador-at-large Konstiantyn Morozov met with Allied Ambassadors to prepare for the next NUC Foreign Ministers' meeting, scheduled to take place in Brussels on 8 December 2005.

The Commission reviewed the status of ongoing work to develop the NATO-Ukraine Annual Target Plan for 2006 (ATP) which has been developed in light of exchanges in the Intensified Dialogue on Ukraine's membership aspirations and relevant reforms. Once approved, the ATP will provide the outline of reform-related activities which Ukraine is to undertake during the coming year, along with activities to be undertaken jointly by NATO and Ukraine. Ambassadors also gave their assessments of Ukraine's progress in implementing NATO-Ukraine Action Plan objectives in the areas of political, defence, security sector and legal reforms. In this context, members of the Commission also exchanged views the future development of Ukraine-NATO relations.

The Commission also approved the Military Committee + Ukraine Work Plan for 2006, which is adopted annually to guide military-to-military cooperation between NATO and Ukraine.

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